if you don't know learn - if you know teach

  • I am presenting a unique solution showing how to automate builds of manuals in a multilanguage environment.  I have moved MadCap Flare to a different and higher level of single sourcing, and in doing so the result has been an improvement with more manuals, more languages, almost 500% improvement in build time, and a 250% reduction in cost.

    • Expect quality

      The message is the same: if you need help with design, training, consultancy within the world of Adobe, MadCap Software or Corel products Lokomatik provides expert quality. Since the mid 80'ies - last century, same time as "before" Microsoft.

      Any aspect, any angle, anywhere.

    • This website

      My first website contained tons of subpages, pages, links, images, videos. You think it, you name. I had it. Basically it was mess

      This newer site has but one page. You're looking at it. Done in Adobe Muse (I'm always on the prowl for new fun things).

    • What I do not do

      Bad karma - stating what I do not do.

      I do not sell any of the software I use. So any recommendation you'll ever receive is purely based on my honest opnion as a user, about the quality of the software. For your specific use and purpose.

    Who am I

    Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, M.Sc. Human physiologist, selftought designer, typographer, tech writer, graphics consultant. I have a softspot for technical documentation - made easy and productive.

    Independent contractor since 1990
    Expert in a wide range of design heavy software.
    Training on all levels
    Development in and around the above software - on all levels
    Project Management
    Translation Management

    • General remarks

      Adobe has a wide range of products. Too wide for any one person to encompass. I have concentrated on the design heavy products of FrameMaker and Creative Suite.

      On all levels !

    • FrameMaker

      I started with FrameMaker at version 2.0 - so I reckon I know this product inside-out. At least the unstructered.  I have designed hundreds of solutions and designs, written hundreds of manuals and moved hundreds of companies from Word to FrameMaker.

    • Creative Suite

      I saw the birth of InDesign 0.8 - and I loved it. Photoshop is just "it".  Illustrators' ease of use and superb quality in design and the base of it all Acrobat. 


      So again - any aspect of these products - it being training or design.

      Just ask.

  • A new comer in the world of Technical Documentation. But still well based in development and knowledge around the area.

    It's just quality.

    You'll most likely never regret migrating to Flare. Or even start there. You will highly likely rejoice if you migrate from Word.

    I am there all the way when you use Flare.

  • Corel DRAW started as a plugin for what is now known as Corel Ventura. It evolved into a full blown design and creative piece of software. First of its kind on the Windows platform. And still live, well and kicking.

    The first love never dies, and is never forgotten. I would always go back to CorelDRAW for some of the more intricate and challenging jobs.

    I would love to help you being able to do the same.

  • My old boss tought me the importance of a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He tought me that there is a difference between a point and a point, and the importance of the correct kerning for a particular pair of characters in a particular font and never compromise with quality.

    He also made it abundantly clear that I needed to tell other the exciting story of typography. Teach, tell.

    And he went on to the world of print, colours, typesetting, imposing. You might end up on one of my design training sessions. Just call to enquire.